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Whether you are looking for a full-time opportunity upon graduation or a summer internship, Cvent offers unparalleled opportunities for growth and advancement.

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As you take your professional journey with Cvent, you will find developmental programs, boot camps, and soft skills training. You'll also have the opportunity to attend conferences, workshops, and seminars to help strengthen your abilities.

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Employee Resource Group (ERG)

Cvent currently has 7 employee resource groups, which are employee-led organizations that build community, provide support, and contribute to personal and professional development in the work environment.


Fierce exists to educate the Cvent community on LGBTGQIA+ issues and policies, advocate for queer-positive positions in the company and our local communities, and provide opportunities to connect, share experiences, and learn from our LGBTQIA+ colleagues.


Empower's mission is to help build a more diverse, equal, and unbiased workforce by creating awareness around the opportunities and challenges women face in the workplace and at home.


The Culture facilitates interaction and activities that support black employees at Cvent by providing resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities within our organization and beyond.


Cvets' mission is to provide a group where Veterans, their families, and friends can all interact through a common bond. Cvets achieves this by mentoring new Veterans that have chosen to transition into civilian life, volunteering at various events, assisting families that have deployed family members, and more.


The mission of Stages is to enhance the lives of parents and caregiving professionals, and provide support in all aspects of their life by creating an environment that is supportive of their needs.


The mission of Chutzpah is to educate employees about the history, culture, religion, and traditions of those that identify as Jews across the world.


The mission of Cvent Minds is to effectively reduce mental-health related stigma with social contact, peer support, and education while providing resources to both employees and the company overall.

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